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MY BODY Fit Bootcamp

It’s your body- Own it. Seriously, don’t waste another day dreaming about your perfect figure or de-railing on your diet and feeling hopeless. This is your ticket to get fit!  Whether you want to drop a dress size or 10 we have the perfect workout and support system for you.


This fitness class is not your average run of the mill Bootcamp. All of the workouts were developed by a woman specifically for women to help you melt fat, build lean muscle and feel sexy again.


Come try a fresh new bootcamp experience with us. We have honed our skills and have the whole fat loss equation down to a science. Where hard work meets sexy and encouragement meets tough.



Ask yourself this question:

Are you searching for the best women's fitness bootcamp with a team of fitness and dietary professionals that work their tushes off to help make you the best version of yourself? Please do not keep reading until you answer the question.


I am here to say it loud!


MY BODY Fitness Bootcamp instructors are here to work our tushes off to help make you the best version of yourself!


It is time to make YOU a priority!

Don’t let one more day slip by without making the decision to change. We are here for you and we won’t let you down.



MY BODY Fitness Bootcamps are different and here’s why:


  • We have spent years developing the perfect workout that gives results to the most common complaints

  • We care so much about you and your results that we offer a FREE Metabolism Makeover meal plan to those who commit to 3 months or more.

  • We believe that working out should be a long term lifestyle goal. We do offer 3 month commitments but we hope you see the importance in maintaining a healthy life as much as we do.

  • We are constantly using updated exercise research specific to women to keep our workouts cutting edge.
  • We have designed each workout to burn a ton of calories at a time (when you give your all) using our proven Top Secret exercise methods. Believe us, methods matter.

  • We understand when to push and when to back off. We are NOT a military style bootcamp.

  • We help you get out of an “old” routine that just wasn’t working for you and into a fun, energizing, results driven program that works.

We would love nothing more than to help you finally achieve and exceed your fitness goals.

What are you waiting for?