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Haley Gossett - Personal Trainer

Meet Haley!  Her gentle and inviting personality is wonder for women who are timid to start their fitness journey.  Haley grew up playing volleyball, basketball and cheerleading, but dived into her passion for fitness in her first 2 years of college at Texas A&M University - Whoop, Whoop!  This is when training became her top priority.  She fell in love with helping women understand that exercise is medicine and it's the biggest gift that one can give to yourself.  What better way to serve people than to be able to pour into them in a way that is very unique and can change absolutely everything about the way you live your life.  When you have the tools to maintain healthy habits, change happens.  Haley has a new found love for golf, always enjoys a good cup of coffee, hanging on the lake or lounging by the pool.  She also enjoys cooking so much that you can find her transforming unhealthy recipes and swapping out ingredients for healthier options!