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Meet Andrea

Hi! My name is Andrea Steponaitis.

Andrea - Owner of MBF Fitness

Andrea - Owner of MBF Fitness

I am absolutely excited that you are reading this because this means you have an interest in wanting to know more about how you can make a healthier difference in your life.

I train women who struggle with feelings of looking fantastic in a bathing suit and are totally ready for a fitness overhaul. I get it. We all have a mirror. We all want to look better (and feel better.) We wish we were perfect. But we are not and trying to look like the fitness model in Shape or Fitness magazine just isn’t cutting it for you or for myself.

Don’t worry! Instead of trying to look exactly like a computer generated “perfect” fitness model; let’s focus on an upgraded, more toned, less fat, more energized, less sluggish YOU!

“Small” group fitness classes, personal fitness training, weight loss, and nutritional counseling is what I do!  I help women figure out how to break through their 1, 5, and 10 year fitness plateaus and I give them tools to map out their “Body Overhaul” plan.  I then show women how to put the puzzle pieces together to LOOK and FEEL their best! Please keep reading to find out how I got here, why I chose this profession and how I can help YOU.

I’m Andrea, and I am passionate about women's fitness. 

My father is a very successful business owner in the oil and gas industry and one of the many things he taught me was that nothing changes in your life if YOU don’t change. He also told me to take what I love to do and turn that into my career. Simple words but very wise. When you love what you do you have a hard time NOT succeeding.

He instilled this passion in me to not only make something of myself but that no one will do it for you. You have to continuously change in order to grow and succeed.

How My Passion To Help You Was Fueled.

                       My Texas Tech Cheerleading Years

While in college at Texas Tech University I fueled my passion for fitness through my education (a bachelor's degree in science focusing on exercise science & minor in nutrition) and through my athletic adventures as a Texas Tech Cheerleader. Before I knew it, I was elected captain of our squad for 2 years AND captain for Lubbock's first semi- pro arena football dance team.

I remember during my last semester sitting in a class auditorium full of 200 students daydreaming about my life after college. How would I channel both my creative/athletic side with my knowledge of fitness and nutrition? On my notebook I scribbled the words My Body Fitness. I closed the notebook. That was in 2004.

Over the past 10 years I have been working diligently to become an expert fitness trainer AND business woman. During this time frame I landed myself 2 life changing and career building positions in the heart of Dallas.


I take my fathers words at heart...

“Nothing Changes Unless YOU Change”
— Dad

My first amazing fitness position was at Baylor Tom Landry Fitness center which helped build a strong foundation towards a second position as the only and lead personal trainer at the prestigious orthopedic rehabilitative center, The Carrell Clinic in Dallas.  I am to this day very grateful for both opportunities.

Within these years I managed to accomplish the following things:

  1. Receive the highest certifications in the fitness industry.

  2. Gain experience as a personal trainer, aquatic instructor, group exercise instructor, prenatal fitness specialist and post rehabilitative personal trainer. 

  3. Appeared on Channel 8 Saturday morning news demonstrating popular exercise and fitness trends.

  4. Produced, co-wrote and was the lead talent in a mom and baby boot camp fitness video. Although it turned out decent, admittedly it was not a great success and I certainly would take a different approach at this junction in my life.

  5. I met and married my husband. He was a fresh breath of air for me as we both are “go getters” in life.  We realized very early that we have a symbiotic relationship in everything that we do!  I am proud to say my husband is a physician's assistant and one of the founding partners of Testosterone Centers of Texas.

  6. Became a loving mother to our sweet little girl Kayla.  She is the very center of our universe, my heart and soul.

  7. Helped nearly 60 prenatal women lose post-pregnancy baby weight baby weight and get FIT!

  8. Trained elite female athletes and given them additional tools to fine tune their already impressive skills.

  9. Opened my gym, MY BODY Fitness in January of 2015!

I Jumped Ship and Started My Body Fitness - My Dream Came True!

Although I did very well in my previous positions, I felt as if I was spinning my wheels and losing my passion, I decided to move on and My Body Fitness was born!

I narrowed my niche to provide my fitness expertise to women in all stages of life.  My goal is to provide a safe, clean, and exciting fitness studio to GET FIT in an environment exclusive for women.  

It scares me every day. It is exhilarating, exhausting, stressful, fun and wonderful all at the same time: everything a new business should be. It brings tears of joy hearing the testimonials from our clientele who truly see and feel a difference after experiencing MY BODY Fitness. 

We are a premier Women's fitness studio. We do not skimp on quality and we do want you to truly succeed.  My method proves itself in the happy clientele we serve. The passion and scientifically proven workout methods are the icing on the cake. We are here to motivate, inspire and push you to be the Best YOU!  Because when you are the BEST YOU, you are also the HAPPIEST YOU!  This my friend is my passion and why I love what I do.


Your Questions are Important. Ask Andrea Today!

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Here's to building a healthy fit foundation starting today!