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Why Our Gym Membership is Different?

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We do it a little different here at My Body Fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, gain strength or just feel better, having a gym membership and a place to call your fitness home is an important factor to consider. 70% of all people who start a fitness plan quit.  Most of this is due to lack of planning, commitment, the proper support structure and motivation. We do not want you to be that 70%. Not you, not this time around. Read why our  My Body Fitness personal training membership options is different from the rest and how it may benefit you!

Our Commitment To Health: My Body Fitness has a strong understanding that it is not just working out that keeps you healthy.  It is a balance of goals, commitment, diet, exercise, stress reduction and hormonal regularity.  We have a passion for helping women stay focused with their commitment to health. We truly want you to see and feel results and having a committed personal training gym membership encourages a year round healthy lifestyle. It helps reassure you that you are committed to feeling your best all the time!

The Focus Is On You: Our personal training memberships are different from the rest!  My Body Fitness memberships offer you one on one attention from your dedicated trainer. Your trainer will design your workouts based on your unique needs and goals. No need to wander aimlessly around a crowded male dominated gym with lack of direction. When you step inside our women only studio you are with your trainer the entire time and the focus is on you.

Meet Our Trusted Medical Partners: My Body Fitness is passionate about your overall health and wellness. We have teamed up with our trusted medical providers at TCT  as an added referral bonus for those members who have the desire to gain more insight on their hormonal health. When hormones are not working efficiently inside the body it can cause a domino effect that can hamper your weight loss and toning goals.

Support: With a personal training membership you will be sure to have a strong support system from our trainer(s) while also meeting other women who have similar goals as yourself. You will not be lost in the crowd here at the studio. We are small for a reason. We want to know you personally and we want everyone to feel at home. We are always here to support your fitness journey and because we are women, we understand the needs, struggles, desires of women.

Reduce excuses: When you are paying for something monthly it should motivate you to find the time to fit in your fun and challenging workouts.  We have provided memberships that  offers the best tools to help you not only reach your fitness goals, but to exceed them! When we stop making excuses to not exercise and start planning, results happen!