Why Hire a Personal Trainer? Here are 5 Excellent Benefits!

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Personal Trainer Misconceptions

As a nationally certified personal trainer  of over 11 years, I am quite astonished by the number of women who steer clear of trained guidance because of various potential concerns including the bulking of muscles, injuries, an impression of being pushed too hard or failure to achieve personal goals.  These misconceptions are often attributable to poor advise provided by non-certified personal trainers that are spread virally through social media and other outlets.  It is commonplace to compare ourselves to the all to often seen supermodel and bodybuilder.  Most however, overlook the time and effort that it takes to achieve such physical changes.  More importantly, most of these individuals required professional help to guide them.  To increase muscle mass like a female bodybuilder one would have to take extreme measures.  This includes diet restrictions, advanced supplementation and lifting heavy weights more than 5 days a week.  Injury occurs when over training is promoted or in an environment in which there is poor oversight.  A nationally certified  personal trainer will help you steer clear of such injuries and provide the best opportunity for success!  I have found that women often need more coaxing than men to seek out a personal trainer however, those who have sought out my services have remained my clients for many years.  When reading below, my hope is that you gain greater insight on the benefits of a having a certified personal trainer in your corner.

Benefit 1: Accountability Equals Consistency

Allow your personal trainer to be your accountability partner!  This may be the most important benefit when trying to stick to a workout plan.  In my experience, having a strong support system is what creates consistency.  Most people start each year with an intention to get and stay fit or initiate long-term fitness goals.  Within a few months, old habits creep up to the surface and those good intentions fall back through the cracks waiting for next New Year’s resolution.  Having top-notch guidance will provide you needed accountability and promote consistency to help meet your good intentions you set at the beginning of the year.

 “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

 If you fail to change your mindset, goals, schedule, focus or attention, nothing will change and you will remain exactly how you are today.

Do you find accountability more valuable to you with a partner?  Try partner training!  This is a more affordable approach to having a personal trainer and yet still receive the individual attention you are looking for.  When you know your partner is waiting for you at the gym for your training appointment you'll be much more inclined to maintain your fitness goals!


Benefit 2: Nationally Certified Personal Trainer Who Specializes in Your Needs

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

What I am about to tell you may be a little unnerving.  There are personal trainer certifications on the internet that lack credibility.  So much so that someone may only pay a mere $50 to have the ability call themselves a certified personal trainer.  Unfortunately, this has had a negative impact on the fitness industry causing a perception that many are poorly qualified.  Unfortunately, and too often, educated personal trainers are thereby overlooked.  While there are an increasing number of regulations and a refusal of fitness centers to hire trainers with illegitimate certifications, there are many that remain under the radar.  This can obviously lead to poor client oversight and possible injury.

If you take your time to find a nationally certified personal trainer who specializes in or works with your specific aspirations, you will be much more satisfied and have an improved outcome!  A certified personal trainer will be of great benefit to you for many reasons and will certainly help you achieve your fitness goals at a healthier and more rapid pace!  For your reference, the top 4 certifications in the field of personal training are:

  • ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)

  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

  • NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)

  • ACE (American Council on Exercise)


Benefit 3: Plan Building

Workout Plan

Workout Plan

Developing a strong fitness plan that complements your goals and expectations will help ensure lasting results.  While classes may be a more affordable option for most, they frequently lack the needed individual attention.  We all have various physical deficiencies to correct or prevent from developing.  Your personal trainer will map out each workout and provide a tailored fitness plan to help achieve success.  You may desire to lose 10 pounds for a wedding or would like to tone up for summertime.  On the other hand, your mom may want to ward off complications of aging including arthritis and muscle loss.  Both scenarios will require a well thought out plan.  Individualized plan building with a personal trainer will ensure that you are implementing workout routines that best suite your needs.

Benefit 4: Safety

Have you ever joined a gym and felt lost amongst the sea of weight lifters, cardio crazies and class fanatics?  Have you left early because you just didn't know which exercises are suited for your needs or which would give you the best results?  Have you looked at people in the gym throwing their bodies around with heavy weights and thought to yourself, “that just doesn’t look right” or “I would injure myself trying that stunt”?  Believe it or not, statistics show that Injuries caused by exercise and exercise equipment increased almost 45% between 2007 and 2010, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), a database maintained by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  This is most often due to folks choosing to forgo usage of personal training services which, under the appropriate oversight, can help prevent injuries from developing.  

Benefit 5: Quicker Results With a Personal Trainer

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

There is no doubt, that with the guidance of a personal trainer, you'll produce more rapid results in comparison to your solitary efforts.  The improvement in efficiency is directly contributed by a detailed comprehensive approach -- think of your personal trainer as an outline towards passing the dreaded high school chemistry test.  Without it you may have significant difficulty achieving the desired grade, with it, success is highly likely.  Sure, you'll have put forth significant effort, but with the provided support you'll create the foundation and structure to dramatically improve your odds of success.   The same applies to your fitness goals.  It takes work, sometimes very hard work, but if you look at what “could be” rather than “what is” you'll see that YOU CAN!

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