Want a Smoothie? Here's the Skinny!

Want a Smoothie? Here's the Skinny!

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Here is the Skinny on Smoothies...

I am obsessed with smoothies.  Not the ones you're used to.  I am talking about a homemade, vitamin packed, fiber and antioxidant loaded, protein powered smoothie. The kind that makes your body scream THANK YOU!!! I believe that food is medicine. and it should be utilized to improve ones metabolism and reduce diet related diseases.  We only have one body in this lifetime, let's treat it with respect!  

A nutritious smoothie can be a powerful tool in maintaining regularity and creating a healthy environment for the digestive system. They are beneficial in filling you with nutrients that your mind, body and wellbeing need to function at its best. I began my dietary challenge shortly after I gave birth to Kayla.  I started with one healthy smoothie for breakfast each day. It is now 8 months later and I feel great!  I have lost all my baby weight plus an unexpected extra 12 pounds.  Honestly, I feel better than I did before pregnancy noticing a greater amount of energy and focus.  Also, my cravings for sweets that I've had ALL my life seems to have taken a back seat.  I've chalked this up to the simple fact that my body is getting exactly what it needs and it isn't looking for nutrients elsewhere.  

Peaches and Cream Please….

Although my homemade smoothies are unlike the ice cream flavored brands you may be accustomed to, they taste great!  Stabilizing your blood sugars is one of, if not the most important things you can do for your endocrine system. Continuous daily blood sugar spikes can lead to an increase in the likelihood of diabetes, progressive hormonal problems and other serious diseases.  Before ordering that sugar packed peaches and cream smoothie on your way to work or for a mid afternoon pick-me-up, reconsider making a similar one at home. You'll be surprised at the yummy and healthy concoctions you will come up with.  They are super easy (takes less than 3 minutes to prepare) and healthy!

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Hide those Veggies!

Another powerful aspect about smoothies is the ability to “hide” vegetables within them while packing several servings in its raw form!  This is especially great for those folks who can't stand veggies.  It's quite easy to conceal the less desirable features of vegetables amongst strong flavored fruits like bananas, strawberries and green apples.  Here are a few of my favorite powerhouse smoothies below! 

The Sexy Green Machine

Will make 1-2 servings

2 cups pineapple

1 cup green grapes

2 cups baby spinach

1 cup broccoli florets

1 avocado

2 cups coconut water (can add more or less for your favorite consistency)

*Optional- Add ice

Blend all ingredients and enjoy! If you want it cold blend in one frozen fruit.

This fiber rich smoothie is good for your skin, restoring electrolytes and invigorating your mind!

Chocolate Mint Power

Will make 2-3 servings

1 packet of dark chocolate advocare meal replacement

1 cup coconut milk

1 cup water

1 cup baby spinach

1 cup cucumber

1 avocado

½ cup packed mint leaves

*Optional-add ice

Blend all ingredients together until smooth!

This is great before or after a workout to replenish muscles, aid in hydration and are powered with healthy fats and protein that will fill you with the nutrients your body deserves!

Momma Needs A Pick Me Up

Will make 2 servings

2 cups kale

1 cup zucchini

1 cup blueberries

1 cup raspberries

2 kiwis

2 tablespoons flaxseeds

1 avocado

1 small handful of cashews

3 cups of water ( add more or less for your desired consistency)

*Optional-add ice

Blend together until smooth!

This will give you energy and stamina for long days! It is full of antioxidants, important fats, powerhouse protein, fulfilling fiber and healthy carbs. Yummy!


I hope you get excited about making your own fun concoctions!  You will shed pounds and your body will love you for it :)  


Dedicated to your success,

Andrea Steponaitis, ACSM_CPT