Jump Into Fitness With High Intensity Interval Training!

Jump Into Fitness with High Intensity Interval Training

What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training also known as HIIT is a growing buzzword in the fitness industry that has earned significant merit behind it’s catchy name. High intensity interval training uses short bouts of anaerobic exercises (80-90% max) mixed in with less intense rest/recovery (40-50%) intervals.  Studies have shown that short but intense workouts improve overall fat and caloric burn and favor a greater amount of weight loss than steady state cardio sessions.

Thinking Out Loud…

Although high intensity interval training is proven to torch fat and rev up metabolism, to me this sounds like pure hell. Why would I want to put myself through nauseating sprints, burpees or any other military style exercise while singing skinny jean mantras in my head just to keep me going?  This is definitely NOT the kind of workout I envision myself or others routinely implementing.  I had to come up with an interval training program in which one can reap the health benefits but in a fun and less barbaric format.  

Jump into fitness with High Intensity Interval Training!

High Intensity Interval Training

I grew up as a gymnast and have spent many years flipping away on all sorts of trampolines. I loved and still love jumping on them at the grand ole age of 32!  There is something about flying in the air and feeling completely weightless that does something good for the body and soul.  In an effort to avoid becoming mundane and gain the benefits that science has proven through HIIT, MY BODY  Fitness is bringing in trampolines!  Incorporated into some of our signature classes is a brilliant mix of total body conditioning and high intensity interval training with the use of trampolines. If you think this will be easy, I'd certainly think again. Check out this you tube video (see below) of how you can benefit with HIIT workouts and trampolines. You'll soon forget your exhaustion and will be leaning up as you're jumping to the beat of some pretty awesome music!


10 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training with Trampolines.

  1. Incorporating HIIT and trampolines significantly lowers joint impact yet maintains aerobic intensity.

  2. Shorter workout time without sacrificing calories burned.

  3. Short exertional bursts send signals to the brain leading to burning of more calories and shedding fat. This originates from our internal instincts to flee from danger.  Remember, long ago we had to be thin to outrun a woolly mammoth or cave bear!

  4. HIIT can increase your metabolism for up to 8 hours after exercise.

  5. Studies have shown trampoline fitness is great for your lymphatic and circulatory systems.

  6. Trampolines coupled with HIIT improves both cardiovascular and strength levels.

  7. As all muscle groups are utilized, you will chisel and tone yourself into a sexy physique!

  8. Improves the way your body metabolizes fat and glucose for fuel consumption.

  9. May reduce stress, improve mood and aid in sleep.

  10. It's extremely fun!

High Intensity Interval Training

I challenge you to embrace your inner child, and try out a few of our signature classes to experience some challenging trampoline moves that bring you an exhilarating experience! Bare with us for the next few months as we complete construction of our premier women's fitness studio. We are still on par to open in 2015!  We would love to see your smiling face and help you JUMP your way to a fit and sexy YOU!



Dedicated to your success,


Andrea Steponaitis, ACSM-CPT