Are You Afraid of the Gym? Fear No More!

MY BODY Fitness Personal Training - Sarah Osigian, NASM Certified

MY BODY Fitness Personal Training - Sarah Osigian, NASM Certified


Hey there!  I'm Sarah and a certified personal trainer at MY BODY Fitness in Flower Mound, Tx.  I have a passion for helping women just like you to feel your best! I also love showing women that the "gym" life is actually fun and that it doesn't have to feel burdensome or intimidating. 

 If you have ever experienced fear walking into a gym, this post is for you. Gyms can be scary, I agree! How can a room full of assorted heavy objects and what appear to be a collection of various instruments of torture not be intimidating? Add to that scene a few people who look like they really know what they’re doing pacing around between sets and suddenly you’re opting to stay on a treadmill for your entire workout. I’m here to tell you why this won’t be your experience here at MY BODY Fitness.

Yes, our gym is equipped with potentially intimidating amenities such as battle ropes, trampolines and a punching bag, but the workouts at MY BODY Fitness are not designed to beat you up, but to build you up! As a personal trainer who is passionate about helping women who have little to no experience with exercise adjust to a fitness-fueled lifestyle, I am always excited to see their confidence grow as they gain experience with the many tools available in our gym. With Consistency and a solid plan, anything is possible.

MY BODY Fitness is Different!

MY BODY Fitness programs are designed to make your experience in the gym one that gives you confidence and teaches you how to use exercise equipment in the correct way. It will also teach you how to make your workout the most beneficial and time efficient it can possibly be. By learning the correct form for each movement of your workout, our program will transform you from one who fears the gym into the fearless gym warrior princess you were meant to be!

The key to being fearless in the gym is having confidence in what you're doing coupled with a non intimidating atmosphere that allows you to relax while working hard for your results.  At MY BODY fitness we make building confidence simultaneous with building a healthy lifestyle by providing you with a non intimidating atmosphere of all women coupled with elite trainers who truly care about your goals. We want you to have confidence that is not rooted in your looks or fitness level but in your ability to reach your goals and your investment in a healthier lifestyle. When you make time to invest in becoming the healthiest version of yourself, growing in confidence is a natural result!

I am here to Help!

MY BODY Fitness Personal Training - Sarah Osigian, NASM Certified

MY BODY Fitness Personal Training - Sarah Osigian, NASM Certified

As your personal trainer it is my job to formulate a workout plan for you that is designed to meet your specific goals as quickly and effectively as possible. I make it a priority to not only keep you on track with making consistent progress but also to educate you in how to maintain a higher fitness level and healthy lifestyle for life! I am currently offering two free sessions to ladies who are looking to conquer their fear of the gym and gain confidence in their ability to reach their fitness goals! Please submit your information below and I promise you won’t regret it!

If you're interested in working with one of our certified personal trainers to help meet your individual fitness goals schedule your 2 FREE sessions today by clicking below!

About The Author

MY BODY Fitness Personal Trainer - Sarah Osigian

Sarah Osigian- NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Sarah, is an elite personal trainer specializing in nutritional counseling and weight loss services. Her wholesome attitude and continuous effort to tailor her programs to each individual is a strong reason why MY BODY Fitness loves her! 

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