7 Exercises for a Defined Bubble Butt!

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As a young budding teenager I was often asked how I managed to obtain my bubble butt. At such a young age I didn't realize that a rounded backside was associated with strength, sexiness, and viewed as aesthetically pleasing in my skinny jeans. In college I was nicknamed bubble butt by my friends and family who thought it was amusing that a tiny cheerleader could have such a strong well rounded back side.  After college as I solidified my career in the fitness industry I was frequently asked for my bubble butt exercise secrets. It wasn't until my director approached me to develop and run a class focused on glute strengthening exercises, that I realized I could help women develop their backsides and feel more confident and sexy. As it turned out, this class was a great success with nearly 18 people per class.

Sure, most of my bubble butt could have come from genetics, but I also give credit to my years as an athlete.  Knowing this, I dug deep into my library of past and present experiences to carve out a clear and concise bubble butt plan that I feel any woman can implement to develop a chiseled back side.

7 Exercises For a Defined Bubble Butt!

My favorite bubble butt exercises originated from compound functional glute movements and power drills to accentuate one's backside.  First, a good warm up is always necessary.  Next, complete 3 rounds and 10-15 repetitions of each of the 7 exercises.  To provide the greatest benefit, I recommend implementing this program at least 3-4 times weekly.  This must be in conjunction with a well rounded diet and cardio activities focusing on the glutes to sculpt a perfect bubble butt!

    1.  The Goblet Squat

  • Find a moderate weight. (kettle bell, dumbbell, sandbell or your baby!)

  • Hold the weight in your hands in line with your collarbone

  • Stand tall, feet hip width apart, and sit back as though you are sitting into a chair

  • Attempt to squat 90 degrees or below

  • Push up through your heels and squeeze your glutes as you return to the starting position

     2.   Romanian Deadlift

  • Standing tall, hold a moderate/heavy barbell or weight at the level of your thigh

  • Keep a slight bend in the knees and flex forward at your hip joint while following the barbell down towards your shins

  • When you feel a stretch in the hamstrings accelerate  back up to a standing position while contracting the glutes

     3.   Wide Stance Weighted Squat (Sumo Squat)

  • Stand with feet wide apart and toes/knees facing outward

  • With a moderate to heavy weight (barbell, dumbells, sandbells, or your baby!) drop down until thighs are parallel to floor

  • Do not arch your back instead engage your core, keep your chest high, and hold for 5 seconds in the down position

  • Explode up while contracting your glutes

     4.   The Plyometric Tuck Jump

  • Engage your core, feet hip width apart

  • Drop to a squat position and then explode into the air as you bring knees towards your chest

  • Jump as high as you can while keeping good posture

  • and softly by keeping your knees slightly bent. See Video below.

     5. TRX Hamstring Curls

  • Place each heal into the TRX straps and Lay Supine on a mat

  • Lift hips up and keep both knees parallel to one another

  • Push through the heel of both feet  while lifting the hips as high as possible

  • Pull both knees in towards your chest

  • Contract your glutes as you extend your hips

    6.   Walking Lunges

  • Similar to a traditional lunge, hinge forward at the hip joint reaching to the floor directly in front of you

  • Push through the front heel as you stand up

  • Contract glutes as you extend upwards

     7.   Dumbbell Side Lunge

  • Hold a light/moderate weight (barbell, dumbbells, sandbells, or your baby!)

  • Take a large step to your left and sit back until your left thigh is parallel to the floor

  • Push through the left heel while contracting the left glute

  • Return to start position and alternate to the right side

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