5 Must Have Arm Exercises That Chisel And Tone!

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The Arm Dilemma

Women love the look and feel of chiseled, toned arms.  Muscle definition in our arms empowers us to feel strong. We're not talking about those scary female bodybuilder arms here! We're talking about pretty, toned arms with lean muscle.  Throughout the years most of my clients worry so much about their "wings."  Of course, they're not really wings.  These clients are referring to tricep muscles that seem to "flap" when you wave.  The arm dilemma can be solved with several effective arm exercises.  The key aspect of my recommendations is that you won't become "bulky".  You'll feel powerful! 

Arm Exercises For Women Rock

You can start your journey towards sexy, powerful and toned arms with 5 arm exercises completed 3 times per week.  Let’s be honest, these exercises alone will not give you perfect arms. The journey needs to start in the kitchen by eating well balanced meals in conjunction with an executed cardio plan. Cardio doesn't mean you need to hit the pavement and run 10 miles. Do it your way. Go swimming, biking, hiking, jogging or power it up with plyometrics. Fitness should be fun so make sure you enjoy it! Many women worry arm exercises will lead to "bulking".  You're not going to look like a female body builder. These athletes are trying to reach a specific goal by sticking to a very strict form of strength and conditioning training coupled with hormone therapy, extreme dieting and other tricks that they have come to learn throughout the years. According to an article on Livestrong.com, “Women generally lack a sufficient amount of the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for muscle growth and building.”  You have to implement extreme measures to look like a female bodybuilder, just ask one yourself!

5 Must Have Arm Exercises for Chiseled and toned arms

Arm exercises not only tone your arms, but also burn a greater amount of fat and give you more energy! Here are my 5 "GO TO" arm exercises to keep chiseled and toned:   

1. Push-ups - Push ups are not only great for your chest but for your arms too.  By adding variations of pushups to your workout routine on a consistent basis you will see definition in your arms! Check out this blog on pushup variations. Choose one that is challenging for you.  Complete as many repetitions as possible in 30 seconds.

2. High repetition/moderate weight bicep curls: The same as a basic bicep curl but with the addition of speed in an attempt to rapidly hypertrophy the bicep muscle. Picking a moderate to heavy weight will work best with this exercise. Complete as many repetitions as possible in 30 seconds.

3. Lateral raises- Bend your legs slightly and stand up straight.  Your feet should be about shoulder width apart. Lift the weights from your side and stop to pause once you reach shoulder height. Complete 10 with a moderate weight.  Here is an informative video on the proper form for lateral raises:

4. Pull-ups- Do you remember the ever so difficult pull-up in elementary school for your physical fitness test? I sure do!  This old school arm exercise is a great total upper body challenge and strength builder. Complete as many reps as possible. You may need assistance.  These are wonderful for the entire arm as they work each key muscle group as well as those in your back. Pull- ups can be your best friend when it comes to that chiseled and tone look you are trying to achieve!

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5. Weighted Arm Jabs: Engage your core and widen your stance. Extend one arm across your body until the weight is in line with the other shoulder.  Jab for 30 seconds at a controlled speed. I advise you do not use a heavy weight for this exercise.  Light to moderate weight will still help create a chiseled and toned look.   

Repeat all of these exercises 4-5 times.  No need to worry about the order.  Although, I prefer to complete each set once then repeat another 4 times through.  Quick Tip: You want your arms to feel like jello afterwards!

Your perfect muscles are only a few arm exercises away!  These may be challenging, but with consistency and a little time you will see great results.  Get started on the journey towards toned arms today.  Check out our fun classes at MBB Fitness or contact one of our elite trainers to help you chisel and tone!

Dedicated to your success,


Andrea Steponaitis- ASCM_CPT