15 minute TRX and Rope Blast Workout

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MBB Fitness Gym | TRX Rope Blast Class

What is TRX?

MBB Fitness has a fitness class for you! Born from a former Navy seal, TRX is an exercise tool that involves a suspension trainer that leverages gravity and your body weight while exercising. Here are just a few beneficial aspects of TRX training:

  • You can modify the difficulty of each exercise to complement your fitness needs.

  • You will increase your muscle endurance, power and strength with appropriate application.

  • You will develop flexibility, core stability and balance simultaneously.

  • Great versatility promoting hundreds of unique exercises.

  • Low impact with BIG results!

What is Rope Training?

Rope training, battle ropes, training ropes and power ropes all applicable synonyms in the fitness industry. This training tool is frequently utilized in just about every athletic facility, as well as for outdoor bootcamp classes. The benefits for this fun training tool are endless:

  • Works each muscle group independently in a balanced manner.

  • Effective tool for maximizing cardiopulmonary output.

  • Builds muscle and burns fat simultaneously.

  • Versatile by promoting hundreds of unique exercises.

  • Low impact with BIG results!

Fuse the Two Together!

Treadmills, elliptical/spin bikes and machine weights fail to offer much variety. By fusing the TRX Suspension Trainer and Power Rope systems you will burn fat quite efficiently and unlike any prior workout you may have implemented before! The versatility created by marrying the two are essentially endless! No one workout will be the same. Below is a taste of a full body 15 minute TRX and Rope blast workout.

Always start with a proper warm up. I often will jog for 5-10 minutes prior to starting this program.  I recommend implementation of each exercise for at least 30 seconds and try to give it your ALL!  Allow for a 20 second break in between each rep. Complete all in order and once the last exercise is completed, repeat the entire set over until you have reached a total of 15 minutes.  Don't be surprised just how tired you'll be!

Exercise 1: Burpee with alternating single waves

Stand tall with your core engaged and with each end of the rope in both hands. Make “waves” with the rope by alternating an up and down motion with your arms. Count to 5 and then complete one burpee.

Exercise 2: Rope Slams

Stand tall with core engaged and each end of the rope in both hands. Raise both arms up as high as you can and then slam the rope into the ground.

See video for for exercise 1 and 2:


Exercise 3: TRX Single leg squat (switch legs at 15 seconds)

Stand tall and hold each handle of the TRX in both hands. Stand on one leg and lower down to a 90 degree angle. Hold for a few seconds and stand back up. After 15 seconds switch to the other leg. See this video for details:

Exercise 4: TRX Hamstring curl

With the TRX at its lowest level, lie on the floor and place both heels into the foot straps. Lift your hips off the floor and draw your knees to and from your chest. See video for details:

We hope you enjoyed a taste of the TRX and Rope exercises and what it can do for your workout routine! It is fun, unique and challenges every muscle group. Join us here at ME BODY BABY Fitness and try out our TRX/Rope Blast class! You will love the challenge and the results.

Come by and meet the MBB Fitness team today!

MBB Fitness Gym | Andrea Steponaitis | 15 Minutes TRX & Rope Blast Workout

Andrea Steponaitis- ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Andrea Steponaitis, owner of MBB Fitness, specializes in personal training, group fitness classes, prenatal / postnatal fitness, weight loss services & nutritional counseling.  As a former collegiate cheerleader her passion and enthusiasm shines through in everything she does!

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